A 2030 day in the life: the perspective of a retrained employee

Machines automatically picking strawberries
Veronica is a recently retrained interior designer, decorating the world in 2030. Read her diary entry from the 16th July 2030.


I started my new job today. Me – a junior designer at designin co. – who’d have thought. New beginnings often cause me overwhelming anxiety – this one not so much. I felt a numbness, rather apathetic towards the whole situation. Neither excitement, nor disinclination. When I was matched with this job, I was unmoved – I could understand the reasons why… I’m creative and I’m good with clients – but mainly I just expected to miss my gardening a lot. I’m sure I will miss it eventually, but at the moment I can’t help but think it was for the best. The work just wasn’t there anymore, in fact it hasn’t been there for a while – not since LawnTech monopolised. Who wants me gardening, taking an hour for lunch, when their robot can trim their hedges for free? Anyway, that’s all in the past now.

My day started, as always, with a coffee. I walked downstairs and my machine had it waiting for me (It’s been around for 8 years but it still blows my mind every day, what a nifty bit of kit, how does it know when I’ll wake up ????). I had 3 client meetings on my first day which as first days go, is pretty heavy. The first was a gorgeous little 2-bed flat in the Upper East Side, New York. Farrah had sent them the scanning tech last week, so the meeting went off without a hitch. It’s pretty miraculous how it works, their apartment just opens up in my living room it’s like something out of Iron Man (wow 22-year call back there). I’m sure as I get used to it this technology is going to start impressing me less and less. I feel like a luddite, gawking at all of the new-fangled technology but I have to remember when I started working you actually had to travel places! I had some cool ideas on the layout for the flat so I can’t wait to follow that one up. The second one was a house just off the Danube in Germany, not a million miles from Munich. The decor was old so I’m glad they called an interior designer. European design was my favourite part of the training so this one should be fun once it gets going. I was slightly worried about the language barrier. I always forget that’s not really an issue in this day and age with instant translation headphones. It really makes me excited to work with people far from home!

The final client was by far my fave! It was with the Mayor of London’s office, who want us to design the interior of their new social housing. The whole team was online for this meeting, and everyone seemed excited for it, so I’m glad it happened on my first day. Social housing is more needed than ever which I guess is actually really sad if you think about it. We’re just all happy that we can make a difference.

I’d say after today I’m feeling slightly more excited and the apathy is slowly draining away. I think the apprehension just came from the fear of the unknown and the size of the change. Interior design wasn’t something I ever considered so why should I have been excited for it? I tend to over analyse days like these, maybe I should just be happy that I had a good day.

After work I took the express cycle lane into town to go and get some bits for James’ birthday, 40 this week isn’t that crazy? 5 years since our wedding this year too. I wanted to get him something nice, like an early edition paperback, but I ended up with not a lot. My watch beeped whilst I was in town and told me that my blood sugar was low, it also recommended some places nearby to eat. I convinced myself I’d had a stressful day (despite my dopamine and serotonin levels tracking well) so I treated myself to a GreenMachine takeaway.

Tomorrow is a new day, lots to look forward to and I’m sure some challenges to be overcome. I’m still settling in so trying not to be too hard on myself. Sometimes the world moves so fast that it’s hard to appreciate the little things, I guess I’m just happy that I have my diary to offer me some quiet reflection.

Veronica xx