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How do you grow your business, when economic headwinds are building along with uncertainties and risk?

This is the question business leaders are asking themselves right now. Growth offers the most attractive way through the tough times ahead. The other main option – cost cutting and retrenchment – can often be more expensive in the short term, lead to companies being stuck in the wrong markets, and risks missing out on opportunities that come out of rapid market change.

So, if you’re looking to grow in 2023, what’s the best approach to follow? White Space Strategy has helped over 100 global companies build growth strategies, with combined revenues of >$2 trillion. They’ve shared their growth toolkit on Whiteboard, providing an approach and resource set which CEOs, MDs and Strategy Directors can adapt to grow successfully.

This approach combines structure and rigour with pragmatism, and a focus on action. It’s also market-led, with customer and market insight front and centre. This is particularly important in complex B2B markets, where markets are often opaque, leading to poor growth decision making.

Access the toolkits below, and use them alongside the scenario planning and World in 2023 resources also provided on Whiteboard.