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How to Grow Sustainably

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The world is fast approaching a tipping point. Or, more accurately, it’s approaching a whole series of tipping points, and has moved beyond some critical ones, too, especially in the developing world.

Global heating is already with us – and by 2030 its impact is likely to be catastrophic on many ecosystems and communities in the affluent Global North as well as in poorer areas elsewhere on the planet.

Business leaders’ views on sustainability have changed significantly in recent years. There’s now a near-universal recognition that ‘something needs to be done’ – and a growing enthusiasm to press forward with practical initiatives that create significant impact.

It’s about social sustainability, too

The challenge is not just environmental – it’s social, too. In our view, social sustainability is equally important as environmental sustainability.

Housing, income inequality and healthcare access are themes we engage with here. Thinking commercially, businesses need customers to be able to afford their goods, as well as skilled staff and quality local suppliers. All of these things require a commitment to addressing the social problems and inequalities that have opened up in the UK and elsewhere over recent decades. Our insights build on ideas made famous by Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics. Read Lucy Cottee’s summary and review of it here on Whiteboard.

What to do in practice?

How can businesses act responsibly, and achieve sustainable growth – that protects the planet and improves our social fabric? What, in practice, is required? What new opportunities will emerge? And how could these opportunities be taken – to everyone’s benefit, people and planet?

We’ve interviewed business leaders and strategy experts who are creating these initiatives now, focusing on sustainable growth. Hear their opinions in this area of the site, contribute your own views, too – and access other tools and resources we’ve developed to help business leaders create a more sustainable future.