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The World in 2023

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Start planning and don’t delay: this is the best advice we can give right now.

There will be some huge threats to overcome next year – but also some massive opportunities to focus on.

The general consensus is that a global recession’s building. But what kind of recession will it be, with what implications for business planning?

How do you come up with a plan?

Most importantly, you need to understand what you’re going to be up against. ‘A recession’ is not specific enough. As we now know, they’re not all the same:

  • What kind of recession? In which countries?
  • How severe?
  • Who’s going to be hit hardest?
  • How long will it last?
  • What opportunities will emerge?

What’s driving the future?

To make informed predictions requires an understanding of the forces that are building, which will shape what’s to come. To help, White Space Strategy MD, John Bee, has identified 15 forces which will shape how the recession unfolds. It’s only by understanding these forces together, and how they will interplay, that accurate answers to the questions can be imagined.

There is a raft of insights into the future on this page. Immerse in them by exploring the blogs, articles and tools below. Then think about how they fit together to paint a bigger picture, creating the backdrop for your 2023 growth planning.

We’ll be adding to this content, layering in new insights, tools and debate. Check back into Whiteboard for the latest content, as it’s added.

We hope you find this useful.