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The World in 2030

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2030 feels both a long way away and also incredibly close.

It’s 2922 days away, starting the clock on 1st Jan 2022. It’s eight Christmases away. It’s as far into the future as London 2012 was into the past.

But it also covers a time period during which we could see quantum computing cracked, the democratisation of AI, the USA fall to third in the GDP rankings and Africa’s population grow by over 30%.

The world in 2030: 8 themes to plan for

In our view, 8 themes will shape how the world will look in 8 years’ time. We’ve drawn on the opinions of business leaders and strategy experts to create a glimpse of how these themes might play out, and of what this means practically right now: what’s the right market strategy for this future world, and what offerings, capabilities and partnerships will be required to succeed?

Explore each of the eight themes below through a range of business leader videos and animated infographics.