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Market assessment tool: choosing the right markets for 2030

For many companies, new market entry will be essential in the run up to 2030. This could relate to new countries, where growing populations and wealth levels are creating attractive new opportunities. Or it could relate to high growth adjacent markets, where new technologies are potentially bringing down barriers to entry.

White Space Strategy has developed a free online market assessment tool to provide a quick sense check of any new market. It consists of 10 simple questions, and generates a result by benchmarking your answers against >350 markets they have assessed over recent years.

You’ll get an instant verdict on the pros and cons of your potential new market, and a summary of how attractive it’s likely to be in practice.

Click on the link above to access the tool, and use it in conjunction with the other 2030 planning resources on Whiteboard to create your future growth strategy.

Contact White Space Strategy to discuss how your market assessment tool results could be implemented in practice.   

About the author:

Nick Edwards

Managing Director, White Space Strategy

Nick set up White Space Strategy in 2005. He’s been instrumental to the company’s growth, and has worked with over 200 leading corporates over his career.

White Space Strategy was named as one of the UK’s leading strategy and innovation consultancies by the Financial Times in 2021 and 2022.

Nick is an expert in growth strategy, and has developed numerous bespoke models to support clients with this.

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