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Scenario planning workshop template: free download

What’s the best way to plan ahead, and ensure your business strategy is future proofed? Business leaders we’ve interviewed about this often go straight to scenario planning as the best, tried and tested approach. So we’ve created and provided a toolkit for this, and made it available to everyone for free.

“You’ve got to do scenario planning. It’s just crucially important, more important than ever”

David Alexander, CEO Ford Quick Lane Europe (2019 – 2021)

White Space Strategy has facilitated scenario planning workshops for some of the world’s most innovative companies. They’ve developed a complete, downloadable toolkit drawing on all of this experience. It’s free and can be downloaded below, providing everything you need to plan, run and implement your future planning.

What does the pack include?

It’s a PowerPoint slide pack which can be dragged and dropped to run a future scenario planning workshop for your business or business unit.

What format does the workshop follow?

It’s a half day workshop, which steps participants through key stages of the scenario development process:

1) Future Drivers Identification
2) Scenario Development
3) Action Planning

The pack contains all of the templates needed to run a successful, highly engaging and impactful session.

What are the outputs and benefits?

The scenario planning workshop delivers a set of immediately useful outputs, to support strategy development and growth planning. This includes a set of scenarios, each designed to have a different role in the planning process, and a scenario action plan based around a template created by White Space Strategy.

The workshop delivers 3 main benefits:

1) Greater ability to imagine the future direction of your market
2) Visibility of your business’ most important future opportunities and threats
3) A solid, simple and future-ready action plan

Can White Space Strategy run the workshop for your organisation?

Yes – White Space Strategy can provide everything needed to run the session, either virtually or on your premises. This would include facilitation of a group of 10 – 20, moderation of breakout groups and a write up including all of the key scenario planning outputs.

The standard fee for this level of support is £7k (excl. VAT), making top quality strategy support affordable by making use of White Space Strategy’s tried and tested, templated approach and toolkit.

To discuss this further, please contact John Bee, White Space Strategy Managing Director: john.bee@whitespacestrategy.com.

John Bee

Co-Founder, White Space Strategy
Managing Editor, Whiteboard

John founded White Space Strategy in 2005, and has worked with companies with combined revenues of >$1trn.

He’s worked extensively around decarbonisation and the energy transition, and has facilitated workshops for many of the world’s best know organisations.

Please contact him directly to discuss your organisation’s sustainable business model development needs.

Click on the link below to download the workshop template, and to begin thinking about how future scenario planning could benefit your organisation.   

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