Sustainable business model tool: the 8 factors to plan around in practice

In 2030, it’s going to be essential for every business to have a sustainable, environmentally-driven business model. This will be necessary to be competitive in this future world, and to create a platform for future growth that’s acceptable to governments, society and customers.

White Space Strategy has developed a planning tool to help companies with this transformation in the run up to 2030. It includes 32 practical measures your business should be considering right now, based on insights from sustainability experts and global business leaders.

Why is this important, though?

Firstly, a sustainable business model will be required to give the world any chance of hitting the commitment to keep global warming below 1.5oC. Secondly, it will be needed to avoid rejection by customers who, by then, will be increasingly motivated by sustainability when deciding where to spend their money. And, thirdly, those same customers will be the employees of the future, with choice over who they work for and with what level of commitment.

To me, climate change is the number one challenge facing humanity. It’s something which I’ve dedicated my career to and, increasingly, I can say that it’s something that everybody will need to dedicate parts of their career to as well

David Watson, Head of Energy Transition, Cadent Gas

White Space Strategy’s sustainable business model planning tool has been co-created with business leaders and sustainability experts. It includes 8 business model areas that need to become aligned with sustainable goals, along with an easy-to-use checklist tool to assess and measure progress.

Can White Space Strategy help companies use the tool in practice?

Yes – White Space Strategy can run a half day Sustainable Business Model workshop to assess your organisation against the 8 areas covered by the tool. This typically involves 5 – 10 attendees from across relevant areas of the organisation, and delivers an assessment of the current level of performance and key areas to focus on for improvement.

The standard fee for this level of support is £7k (excl. VAT), making top quality strategy support affordable by making use of White Space Strategy’s tried and tested, templated approach and toolkit.

To discuss this further, please contact John Bee, White Space Strategy Managing Director:

John Bee

Co-Founder, White Space Strategy
Managing Editor, Whiteboard

John founded White Space Strategy in 2005, and has worked with companies with combined revenues of >$1trn.

He’s worked extensively around decarbonisation and the energy transition, and has facilitated workshops for many of the world’s best know organisations.

Please contact him directly to discuss your organisation’s sustainable business model development needs.

Click on the link below to download the tool, to begin thinking about how your organisation could adopt a more sustainable business model.

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