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World in 2030 Theme 1: Global Population & Demography

Where’s the world’s population growth going to come from over the next decade? Are we really moving towards an ageing population, or are young people the future? Who are the customers of tomorrow, and where do they live?

The answers aren’t going to be simple, but, whatever happens, the world’s people are going to be different in 2030. They will have different needs, hopes and fears. The same will apply to the businesses these people run, buy from, work for and invest in. Thinking about this now provides a solid platform for sustainable growth in the future.

Watch this animated infographic for a glimpse of what the future might look like:

Future changes

We’ve spoken with market experts and leading strategy consultants to gain a better view of how these trends might develop in practice. Hear their perspectives in this short video:

Embracing young people

Many politicians and economists talk extensively about our aging population, and about the significance of this in the future. This is important. However, in 2030, the median age globally will be 33. This figure will be considerably lower in developing nations. And, everywhere, younger people will have the digital skills that will be central to our future world. Understanding their needs, and embracing them as individuals, will be every bit as important as building a society that also works for older generations:

Opportunities & actions

How, in practice, can organisations start preparing for all of these changes? It’s clear there will be opportunities as well as threats, and practical actions to be considered right now. Hear about them directly from market experts in this video:

What do you think’s going to happen, though? What will changes to the global population and demography mean for customers and companies? And which companies do you think are already leading the way in this area?

We’d love you to join the conversation…

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