World in 2030 Theme 2: Global Wealth & Education

Which countries will be 2030s economic powerhouses? Will the US still lead the way? Where will the educated elites live, learn, work, run businesses and spend money?

Today’s key global markets are likely to retain their importance, but new growth opportunities will open up. Some will be less obvious than others. Planning ahead will allow sufficient time to change and prepare to serve the customers of the future.

Watch this animated infographic for a glimpse of what the future might look like:

Future changes

We’ve spoken with market experts and leading strategy consultants to gain a better view of how these trends might develop in practice. Hear their perspectives in this short video:

China or India?

The last decade has seen a huge focus placed on China as a global powerhouse, growth market and, especially more recently, a threat. It’s easy to forget that India also has a population of over 1bn people, and is forecast to become even more economically significant by 2030. Hear market expert views on how these two Asian powerhouses might develop over the next decade in this short video:

Opportunities & actions

What are some of the key opportunities that will come out of the rise of China and India, and from other changes to global wealth and education? And how could organisations begin to prepare right now? This video summarises market expert views, thinking more practically about change:

What do you think is going to happen to global wealth and education, though? What will changes mean for customers and companies? And which companies do you think are already leading the way in this area?

We’d love you to join the conversation…

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