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World in 2030 Theme 3: Data & Automation

What jobs will our children be doing in 2030? Have we already reached ‘peak automation’? Will the data revolution have been brought under control?

The answers aren’t going to be simple, but, whatever happens, only one thing seems certain: the pace of change is not going to let up. Thinking ahead, and imagining many possible futures, will allow companies to stay ahead, and to be disruptors rather than the disrupted.

Watch this animated infographic for a glimpse of what the future might look like:

Data: future changes

We’ve spoken with market experts and leading strategy consultants to gain a better view of how these trends might develop in practice. This video focuses on key changes relating to data:

Automation: future changes

This second video focuses on changes anticipated relating to automation:

What’s the right data mindset?

What’s the right mindset for a data-driven world? This question will become increasingly significant as we move towards 2030, alongside other that relate to organisational culture and capabilities. In this video, David Alexander, a global CEO, shares his perspectives:

Opportunities & actions

What other actions should business leaders consider, to prepare for future data and automation changes? This market expert video identifies opportunities relating to new product development and market entry – and outlines benefits relating to customer understanding, scenario planning and decision making:

What do you think’s going to happen, though? What will changes to data and automation mean for customers and companies? And which companies do you think are already leading the way in this area? We’d love you to join the conversation.

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