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World in 2030 Theme 4: Digital Innovation

Are the boundaries between digital and physical about to disappear? What new markets will this create? Are people, governments and businesses ready to take the leap forward?

In 2021, Facebook rebranded to Meta. Their ambition? To build the ‘metaverse’, a digital world built over our own. Whether they and others succeed, and what they create, will be of huge significance to all consumers and businesses around the world(s).

Watch this animated infographic for a glimpse of what the future might look like:

Future changes

We’ve spoken with market experts and leading strategy consultants to gain a better view of how these trends might develop in practice. Hear their perspectives in this short video:

Low / no code: a gamechanger

A key future trend that’s already becoming significant in many sectors is the emergence of low code and no code digital development environments. These allow people with no background in coding to create their own bespoke digital offerings or tools. This short video provides a fascinating glimpse into how market experts see this playing out over the next decade:

Digital democatisation

As the costs of digital capabilities drop, and availability improves due to advances in connectivity and cloud computing, many market experts are predicting a democratised digital future. Hear Localz CEO and Founder Tim Andrew’s views on this, based on his experiences of creating a disruptive global tech venture:

Opportunities & actions

Low / no code and digital democratisation will create huge opportunities ready to be grasped by leading organisations in 2030. As will changes across other areas of digital innovation. What are the key opportunities business leaders are talking about now? And what actions do they think organisations could be taking to get ahead right now?

What do you think’s going to happen, though? What will developments relating to digital innovation mean for customers and companies? And which companies do you think are already leading the way in this area?

We’d love you to join the conversation.

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