Telecommunication network above a busy city at night

World in 2030 Theme 6: Connectivity & IoT

How fast will the Internet be in 2030? What does a 5G and 6G world look like in practice? What risks will ubiquitous connectivity create for consumers and businesses?

Connectivity infrastructure has already become crucial to every city and country’s economic prospects. This will be even more apparent in 2030, creating both new opportunities and new inequalities at a local, national and international scale. This will drive what products and services companies develop and offer, how they deliver them and where they choose to do business.

Watch this animated infographic for a glimpse of what the future might look like:

Future changes

We’ve spoken with market experts and leading strategy consultants to gain a better view of how these trends might develop in practice. Hear their perspectives in this short video:

Opportunities & actions

Future developments around connectivity and IoT will create huge opportunities as well as threats. This video includes market expert insights on what some of these might be, and on actions that could be taken to start preparing now:

What do you think’s going to happen, though? What will changes to connectivity and IoT mean for customers and companies? And which companies do you think are already leading the way in this area?

We’d love you to join the conversation…

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